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Commie Slots Open!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 17, 2014, 6:47 AM
I know this isn't my main art site so it's not like I have a lot of followers, but
I'd like to announce I have some commie slots open for you!

The payment is made beforehand and via PayPal in USD; I send a sketch for approval if it's a chibi :3
You comment here if interested and I'll send you a form to fill in some info, then we agree on the final price and the payment request is sent!

I have 1 chibi slot open and it might extend to 2 slots if there's demand.
The price is $10 USD
Commie: Argh! by lemoncoreOwlove by lemoncore[CM] Alyster by lemoncore

I also have a few sketch slots open for you to take!
The price is $7 USD
This tumblr asking weird stuff by lemoncorePriscilly being silly by lemoncoreCommie: Colorful Owl thing by lemoncore

If you're interested, 2 flat colour slots are available!
The price varies but it goes around $29 USD
Cat riding bull by lemoncoreCommie: Troll sham by lemoncoreVenna Training by lemoncore

I'm really struggling with FurAffinity being down and it makes me realize I should expand my business options to other pages as well! X'D
Hopefully I'll get someone interested in here as well :>

My DeviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 8:59 AM

Strider Hiryu by lemoncoreAGADOJ POR PLI BONA MONDO by lemoncoreCM AT - Spirale - Spiralcore by lemoncoreCute pokedex 008 Wartortle! by lemoncoreContest: Pricey by lemoncoreBeau by lemoncore

Celebrating DA's 14th birthday and actually participating in something other than my own business
 I'll write what my 4 and a half years as a Deviant have been like.

In the beginning I didn't know much... I don't know much now either *chuckle*.
I'm barely starting to understand how to move around DA and it's still a mystery for me
how to use CSS and other features to make my profile and whole page look decent.

My years as a Deviant have been pleasing and displeasing the same.
My story started, as many of you might know, as a mature artists (I still am, I just use other sites for that)
and I got some attention from that, alright. People say that "the internet is for porn" and art sites prove that
right when you yourself are a mature artist. When you start, everything will revolve around the amount of boob you draw.
If you start as a mature artist, you'll stay like that and it will be hard to get people to know you for other works.
Mature art gets a lot of attention, if it is good art or bad art, it doesn't matter,
it will get 10x more attention than same quality SFW art.

Anyway,going back to the main subject, this time as a Deviant has been confusing.
After reading the WHOLE AUP and TOS and every other rule there is,
I had a pretty clear vision of what I could and what I could NOT upload to DA.
I respect the rules, I like following them and not getting into troubles.
Ok, there I was, using the filters, and all set.. and then I see it.
Why the *beep* do we need a "sexually explicit" filter if we cannot upload such things?
It is still extremely bothersome and confusing to see it there. It really is.
After that I got to investigate further and nobody really knew
more than myself about the filters and how to use them.
I also found a lot of images depicting VERY explicit sexual situations,
erect penises everywhere, wet vaginas, sexual toys that looked like so...
I don't know, they had the filter on and had been there for a long time,
my guess was, then the filters DO have a reason to be there!
And I uploaded a few images that depicted erect penises.
I was reported pretty much immediately and I felt really angry ATM.
Why am I reported if I see so many images that have stayed up
for so long and nobody gives a *beep*? I'm using the correct filters, am I not?

So, ok, I got REALLY confused at this point and well, I decided to use DA for my SFW art only.
I still see a looooooooooooot (I mean a lot) of images that look like they're breaking the AUP
but I don't even know how to report them or if I should, because people seem to be pretty O.K.
with them being there and I can't really grasp what the AUP means or why we have the filters we have.
I think to myself: "Is this pic really breaking DA policies?" I don't even know!

It's very confusing, it really is.
So, I'm pleased with DA because it has a lot to do around, I guess.
It also looks very welcoming and I don't see a lot of drama going on
anywhere (maybe it's because I tend to avoid it, so I don't see it).
People look like they're nice (some are, some aren't, like everywhere)
in general, so... Maybe DA as a SITE isn't bad at all!
I don't really feel like part of that community because I don't understand it
and for me that's an important part of being part of anything (part, part, part).

I just wish that rules were applied to everyone the same and maybe that's hard
to make possible with DA being such a  large site, but that same reason gives
DA enough funds and volunteers to make it possible (at least in my calculations!).

Now, changing the subject completely and still following DA's instructions,
I'll let you know why I chose to feature the 6 pieces you see above!
DA has room for EVERYTHING but porn, so I can do some stuff besides it :>
The pieces above show some pieces I REALLY enjoyed making and loved
even after I finished them. I do love most of the pieces in my gallery XD
it was hard to choose from them all, but these might just be my best.
I actually really enjoy drawing SFW art but I make a living out of my art and
my SFW art has given me nothing ($) yet!... Maybe around $50 bucks since I started?
Nobody can live with $50 for 4 and a half years, right?
My SFW art has given me a lot of pleasure, alright. A lot of happiness
and a lot of cuteness too. The good thing is that even when art is my job,
it's also my passion, my hobby and my life... to say it in a way.
DA has given me the opportunity to keep creating nice pieces
not for money but for pleasure. I found it hard to do at the beginning
but after some time I've learned to see that we need time to
create stuff for ourselves; we'll become overwhelmed by work
if we don't do so and will probably hit an art block.

Because I really want to use DA as an art site (this was my very 1st
art site, guys, I really have a love-hate thing going on with DA) I need
to make pieces to feed DA and my own eagerness to draw SFW stuff!
That's what I see in DA: A save haven to draw what I want and not
having to include over9000ft *beep*nises for people to acknowledge
the existence of my piece. Thanks, DA, for being so vanilla.
Thanks and not thanks at the same time but yes thanks...

And yup... that's what I have lived in DA during these 4 years... DA is
somewhat like a city for me: A maze of complexity and confusion.
But it's a beautiful city.
So many artists that I admire,
so many colors and forms
and people and movement...
Everything that forms DA's chaos also forms the stars of this city.
Nonstop colorful rooftops, rising buildings full of life.
And DA's city landscapes are nothing but divine.
You just have to learn to look the right direction,
whichever it is for you.

Commie: She's fifteen by lemoncore
Commie: She's fifteen
Full color commie for a mother who wanted me to draw her daughter... This drawing's going to be used on her fifteen's party invitation :3




LemonCore's TumblrLemoncore's Furaffinity PageLemoncore's Picarto
Weasyl LemoncoreSoFurry meets The LemonCoreLemoncore on Inkbunny
Links to my other accounts

If you liked my art, please watch me and mind that DA
contains just a really small portion of my art! My main
art site is FurAffinity. You can click on the icons above
to go to any of my other sites! :3

I've been a DeviantArtist since Mar 28, 2010.
On Jan 18th, 2014, I decided to use my different art sites
for different purposes and DA became home of my CLEAN,
VERY Safe For Work art.

I am a major mature artist so you're not going to find cute
stuff (but pr0nz) on my other sites; maybe some chibies and
sort of SFW sketches but nothing will be cleaner than my DA.


What do you think about the decision i made regarding DA being used for clean art? 

5 deviants said I'll follow you on other sites but I love your chibies
5 deviants said I wish i could see the pr0n in here too >:l
5 deviants said F**k DA's censorship, I'll go to your other sites!
3 deviants said I love the idea! I hate Pr0n!
2 deviants said I hate it but I understand


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